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Featured Here on March 1st, 2014

Privet – Variegated

Bushes & Shrubs, Hedges

Privet – Variegated (Bushes & Shrubs, Hedges) – The Variegated Chinese Privet, ‘Ligustrum sinensis ‘Variegata’ is a fast-growing, small-leafed shrub useful as a large foundation plant or privacy screen. The foliage is variegated with white margins and a green center. This variegated privet produces fragrant white flowers in early summer. Butterflies and birds are attracted to the small white flowers. Trimming this plant will keep a dense growth habit. The variegated Chinese privet is deer and rabbit resistant and it is drought tolerant. The Variegated Chinese privet is evergreen and is primarily used for screening and hedges. What’s not to like? It is variegated, evergreen, showy, dense, produces fragrant flowers, and it attracts wildlife!
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