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Featured Here on April 19th, 2015

Apple Tree – Bramley’s Seedling

Apple Trees, Fruit Bearing

Apple Tree – Bramley’s Seedling (Apple Trees, Fruit Bearing) – Firm, juicy, sharply acid flesh, and late to mature. Bramley’s Seedling Apple is a traditional cooking apple of the British Isles. The fruit is large, flat, greenish yellow with broad broken brown and red stripes. Bramley’s Seedling cooks to perfection with rich juice and no hard pieces. These qualities make it a good apple for making cider, and it is extremely high in Vitamin C content. The tree is large, a vigorous grower, and has a spreading habit. It blooms late, will survive during a frost period, and is a heavy, regular bearer. It requires a pollinator and ripens early October to early November depending on location. 
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